Cheesy Puffs!

We were just sitting around, eating Trader Joe’s cheese puffs and I joked about making a cheese puffs t-shirt design. Before I knew it, I’d opened photoshop and bam!

You can get your cheesy puffs design on all kinds of t-shirts and sweatshirts, even kid’s sizes! (They may not be the ones officially endorsed by Cartman on South Park, but they’re just as orange!)

After I did that, I realized I needed to make a ‘powered by’ version of the design too….

… available on all kinds of apparel too, plus bumper stickers and buttons, etc.

“I like cheesy puffs!” If you know someone who’s always got their hand in a bag, or has perpetually orange fingertips, they probably love cheesy puffs too – heh.
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