Kristen made Calzones the other night, not the sad combinations of salted meats and cheap cheeses that they call calzones here in California, but real New York food, stuffed to the breaking point with whole milk Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses. They’re rich, creamy and insanely delicious, especiall with a sprinkle… Continue reading


I was inspired to make homemade pierogies yesterday and enlisted John as the filling-maker, while I played with the dough. We’d never made them before so we browsed through John’s “New York Cookbook” which had a couple of recipes. We took ideas from each of them, depending on what ingredients… Continue reading

Beef Lime Wraps

It began as an attempt at crossing Fajitas and Enchiladas, an idea which I will pursue some distant day. (Looks wistfully away from the monitor for a moment). Somewhere along the way, the green peppers I intended to buy vanished. I’m not sure where or when this happened, but they… Continue reading