Wine Flu?

First off, let me say that I think people are doing a good job of keeping the public informed about the spread of swine flu and steps to take care of yourself while it’s flitting about. Secondly, and a however, I also think the media has taken advantage of the… Continue reading

Baconated T-shirts

Attention all bacon lovers! Due to our own recent re-appreciation of bacon (particularly the no-extra nitrites/nitrates added apple smoked bacon we’ve discovered) we’ve created another way to celebrate bacon – our “Powered By Bacon” design on t-shirts and buttons and magnets and bumper stickers and yadda yadda! Here’s one sample… Continue reading

Cheesy Puffs!

We were just sitting around, eating Trader Joe’s cheese puffs and I joked about making a cheese puffs t-shirt design. Before I knew it, I’d opened photoshop and bam!You can get your cheesy puffs design on all kinds of t-shirts and sweatshirts, even kid’s sizes! (They may not be the… Continue reading