Mmmm… Cicadas…

Oddly enough, although we have a large number of little black and white food-type icons like the microwave to the left, none of them are BUGS for some reason… Cicadas Take Menus By Storm – “‘Not much of a taste,’ she admits. ‘A bit like overcooked beans, but very crunchy.'”

Welcome to Food Follies!

We wanted a website where we could publish our growing collection of recipes. Where we could write up our daily-ish experiences at restaurants, in the kitchen, in the garden, etc. A place that was not so very serious about playing with food. (And drink, of course.) A site that would also have other interesting food-related facets to explore in regards to the enjoyment of food. Obviously, this site is a result of that desire!

We’re just getting it started now, and this is the first post in our “Daily Specials” section. We already have a bunch of recipes up, a VERY fledgling links page, and fully functioning guestlist which you are invited to sign (don’t forget to mention your favorite kind of cheese!), and we’ll be adding more as we go, so please stop back again soon!

Glad you found us!