Organic Marshmallow Farmer

This design began with a really weird conversational tangent, became an Out of Context Quote, and then ended up on a t-shirt!

I think most kids would choose “Organic Marshmallow Farmer” as their desired career path if they were aware of their existence – they are a small, but growing community! *grin* Besides, marshmallows grown and harvested the all-natural way simply taste better. (Click the t-shirt to see all the apparel and other items available to advertise this environmentally humorous choice of vocation.)

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$3 Off Our Aprons Through November 10!

For the next few days, through November 10, all of our Food Follies Aprons are $3 off! We have aprons for every state that say “I don’t care how they do things here, I’m from “, a great way to show others how proud you are of your home cooking when you’re not home!

We also have a number of humorous designs as well as a holiday favorite for when you’re baking up those Christmas cookies:

Our aprons come in white, khaki, and vivid yellow, and make an original gift for the chef or baker in your life – click here to check out all of our aprons and browse through our other cool stuff in our Food Follies shop too – thanks!

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Cookie Gun Baking Apron

Since we just got new, high quality aprons in our shop (31″ long, in three colors now too – white, khaki, and yellow), and today is the first day of December, it seemed appropriate to showcase one of our original aprons, for the holidays!

“Warning – I have a cookie gun and I’m not afraid to use it!

(Click the apron picture to buy one for your favorite cookie maker.)

I mainly use my cookie gun for the classic butter cookie recipe (offsite link – apparently I never got our family butter cookie recipe online here, but it’s pretty common) and when I want color and flavor, I use our jello cookie recipe.

You can also check out our entire selection of funny aprons and food-themed aprons just by clicking here. Happy December! Now get baking! 😉

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Wine Flu?

First off, let me say that I think people are doing a good job of keeping the public informed about the spread of swine flu and steps to take care of yourself while it’s flitting about. Secondly, and a however, I also think the media has taken advantage of the situation a little to enhance the drama a SMIDGE beyond what’s necessary – heh. So this new Wine Flu t-shirt is just a funny joke about the media hysteria, not about the virus itself! Besides I can’t resist a good play on words – you should all know that by now.

Wine Flu is available on all kinds of t-shirts and sweatshirts – click the image to browse!
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Leave It To Cleaver – Not Just an Apron Anymore!

We’ve had our “Leave it To Cleaver” apron available in our shop for a while now, as it’s been a definite favorite. Recently it was brought to our attention that this design would do well offered on our other products as well – seeing the good sense in this, heh, we added them to the shop immediately! Click any of the sample images below to look at the entire selection – great for cooks and chefs, or people who just like to chop things with gusto!

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Got Resveratrol?

Okay, this is just a weird little design I made up after finding the word “resveratrol” (the stuff in red wine that makes it ‘good’ for you) not only very hard to say, but rather amusing. I mean, try saying it AFTER you’ve had a few glasses of red wine. Without accidentally swallowing your tongue, I mean.

Click any of the images below to browse our entire line of “got resveratrol” products….

A “got resveratrol?” (see, I can’t even stop TYPING it) tee would be a great conversation starter at a wine tasting, or even a bar bet – LOL.
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Food Critics Don’t Need To Be Anonymous

Get the best seats in the house and maybe even a complimentary drink or two when you walk into a restaurant with our “Restaurant Reviewer” or “Food Blogger” t-shirts and sweatshirts! Even if you aren’t an official food critic or have a food blog of your own, most restaurants know the power that word of mouth holds in this business, so give them a chance to show you how good they can be.

Each design is available on many different styles of t-shirts and sweatshirts (and bumper stickers and mugs as well) – just click on the sample t-shirt above to see the entire selection.

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Baconated T-shirts

Attention all bacon lovers! Due to our own recent re-appreciation of bacon (particularly the no-extra nitrites/nitrates added apple smoked bacon we’ve discovered) we’ve created another way to celebrate bacon – our “Powered By Bacon” design on t-shirts and buttons and magnets and bumper stickers and yadda yadda! Here’s one sample product:

Click the tee above to see the whole range of baconated t-shirts and stuff available!
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Raining Donuts

Or doughnuts, if you want to go for the classical spelling! Yes, it’s an homage to our favorite donut eater Homer and his illustrious wife Marge, and a certain Halloween episode with the time-traveling toaster. (I love that episode – my favorite line is “This is gonna cost me.”) But anyway – now you can celebrate donuts (or doughnuts) raining down from heaven with t-shirts (including kids sizes), sweatshirts, pinned buttons, stickers, and more crazy stuff. Click the t-shirt to see more stuff! [/end announcer mode]

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Cheesy Puffs!

We were just sitting around, eating Trader Joe’s cheese puffs and I joked about making a cheese puffs t-shirt design. Before I knew it, I’d opened photoshop and bam!

You can get your cheesy puffs design on all kinds of t-shirts and sweatshirts, even kid’s sizes! (They may not be the ones officially endorsed by Cartman on South Park, but they’re just as orange!)

After I did that, I realized I needed to make a ‘powered by’ version of the design too….

… available on all kinds of apparel too, plus bumper stickers and buttons, etc.

“I like cheesy puffs!” If you know someone who’s always got their hand in a bag, or has perpetually orange fingertips, they probably love cheesy puffs too – heh.
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