Powered By Wine (well, “Vino”, actually)

Powered By WineRecently we started a new enterprise called Powered By Tshirts, which has all kinds of ‘powered by…’ designs, including a number (and expanding rapidly) of specific food designs. Some of these food designs, such as the one to the left, we are also selling in our little Food Follies shop! It’s “Powered By Vino” (Wine) and it’s full of grapey and winey colors – makes you want to dash off to a wine tasting party as soon as possible (or gobble some grapes – your call). So, there you go, feel free to click on the image to see all the products with this design, or drop by our new Powered By Tshirts shop and see the latest food-related designs there too (like lasagna, jelly beans etc….)

In Celebration of Sandwiches

One day we got to laughing about huge sandwiches that you can barely get your mouth around (I know, we’re weird, but hey), and this design was born: “If you want me I’ll be behind this sandwich” – a sandwich so big it covers up your entire face. Never try to have a conversation with a person who’s eating a humungous sandwich – it’s just common sense. *grin*


I knew that almost finished bottle of Burgundy would come in handy soon! I took this photo on the kitchen table in ‘late’ afternoon – late for “winter, in the hills” standards, which was about 3:30 p.m. I thought it would be a really cool shirt or sweatshirt to wear to something like a casual wine tasting event, or event as a card if you’re having a classy party or something. (Or even if you’re just feeling quite ‘unstoppable’ – LOL – okay, sorry, should have warned you about the upcoming pun!) Anyway, click on the image to see the shirts and such if you like.


This is the latest design in the Food Follies Gift Shop. It was something John came up with one day – probably after eating a large meal, I’d wager. *grin* I suppose this could not only apply to someone who considers themselves an omnivore, but perhaps someone who just loves to eat or who’s known in his/her circle as being hungry most of the time – heh.