I Eat Sandwiches T-shirt

I eat sandwichesI happened across a bunch of those “I heart/love” t-shirts, particularly one about sandwiches, when I thought to myself, that doesn’t REALLY say enough about sandwiches, and about the people who love them! *grin*

Thus the I “eat” sandwiches was born, with the bitten sandwich image implying all the love a sandwich lover can muster – hah! Just click the image to see all the styles available with the Sandwich Lover design, or click here.
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Bring Me Wine!

I found this really fun quote from Aristophanes which really deserved to be put on a tshirt: “Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine so that I may whet my mind and say something clever.” (Click the image to see the shirts.)

What? You don’t know who Aristophanes is? “Aristophanes was primarily a comic writer who satirized Athenian politics and culture (a form of comedy known as Old Comedy). An outspoken opponent of Athens’ war with Sparta (the Peloponnesian War), Aristophanes is perhaps most famous for his comedy Lysistrata in which all the women of Greece band together and deny their husbands sex until the war is ended.” *grin*
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Nice Pear

I was just playing around with my watercolors and painted this pear. Then I thought, “Hey, that’s a nice pear!” True Story! Of course, when you put it on a t-shirt, it’s POSSIBLE that it could take on an additional meaning, but I’m sure that’s the farthest thing from your mind, right? Heh.

The “Nice Pear” design is available on a variety of tshirts and sweatshirts in our shop – CLICK HERE to see them all, and get a nice, juicy pear for yourself.

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Love Bites – Eat Your Heart Out

Had to come up with some kind of food-themed Valentine (Anti-Valentine?) design. Well, okay, I didn’t HAVE to, but it was really interesting to consciously note how many food-concepts translate well into the area of love. Anyway – the heart in this design should probably be brown/chocolate, but think of it as candy-coated if that helps. 😉 Click on an image to see all the neat stuff with the design:

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It’s an egg, it’s a frittata, it’s… Omelette Man!

And Omelette Woman! Streaking around the globe, folding egg concoctions in half, maintaining fluffy texture, and making sure omelette lovers everywhere are satisfied with gooey cheese and half-moon shaped meals!

Okay, really, John just makes fantastic omelettes. They’re not overloaded with ingredients (I hate crunchy things in my omelettes!) but they’re cheesy, consistently fluffy, and he always gets them folded so perfectly, so I started calling him Omelette Man, which then evolved into a clothing design (for his superhero identity of course.)

There are a number of different styles of tees and sweatshirts available in both men’s and women’s styles, as well as an apron of course. I’ll have to get a few of these so that when one’s in the wash, John can still make breakfast without having to cook in his common street clothes! *grin* Just click on the tees above to check them all out.
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New Wine Lover Designs

Now that we’re finally starting to get a feel for the kinds of wines we prefer, and what a lot of all the names MEAN (lots to go yet of course), we’ve decided to create some designs for specific kinds of wines. “Quick! Merlot Me!” is the design for Merlot lovers – 14 other varieties are also available: Cabernet, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Champagne, Chianti, Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux, Chablis, Burgundy, Chenin Blanc, and even Port. They come on many varieties and colors of t-shirts, long sleeved tshirts, sweatshirts, bags, hats, and even teddy bears. Check out the entire line of Wine Lover Gifts today. And if you want even MORE wine designs to choose from, check out our Wine Lovers section of our Food Follies Gift Shop which includes our own designs plus those of other creative designers.

It’s Friday – what kind of wine are you going to try this weekend?
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Going Halfsies – Apple

A new addition to our Food Follies Shop… this is a sketch I drew of an apple cut in half, but you can only tell that the one on the left is in half if you look at the shadow. 😉 The design itself is done in a dark sepia-tone and also comes on other kinds of apparel, cards, mugs, and other stuff as well. (Click the image to see all of it!)
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Ice Cream University, Cupcake University

Less than a month ago we got an idea for another themed t-shirt store – spoof or funny ‘university’ designs – and in a spurt of unparalleled creative effort came up with the name Tshirt University.

I’m mentioning it here for two reasons: 1. We have a whole section for food designs and another for drink designs. (And we take custom orders, so if you want some weird food university design, just use the form on the site – we dare you!) And, 2. Today’s Tuesday’s Topic is ‘desserts’. So we thought we’d show off a few of our dessert-based university designs!

So, we’ve got Ice Cream University (which has already been a good seller – I credit the weather – LOL), and Cupcake University, popularized by Martha Stewart’s recent prison stay as well as the upsurge in popularity of the delicious little frosted cakes themselves. Each design comes on a variety of apparel and items, including these really nice baseball hats, which are a newish product. (Just cick on an image or one of the links to poke around the shop and see all the University swag and various products available.)
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What Would Cheeses Do?

This isn’t a t-shirt from our own food shop, but it was too funny not to post about. And it seems obvious to me in hindsight, but I swear I never thought about this when reading the original ‘what would so-and-so do’ type jokes! And that in itself is somewhat embarrassing – heh.
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