Ice Cream University, Cupcake University

Less than a month ago we got an idea for another themed t-shirt store – spoof or funny ‘university’ designs – and in a spurt of unparalleled creative effort came up with the name Tshirt University.

I’m mentioning it here for two reasons: 1. We have a whole section for food designs and another for drink designs. (And we take custom orders, so if you want some weird food university design, just use the form on the site – we dare you!) And, 2. Today’s Tuesday’s Topic is ‘desserts’. So we thought we’d show off a few of our dessert-based university designs!

So, we’ve got Ice Cream University (which has already been a good seller – I credit the weather – LOL), and Cupcake University, popularized by Martha Stewart’s recent prison stay as well as the upsurge in popularity of the delicious little frosted cakes themselves. Each design comes on a variety of apparel and items, including these really nice baseball hats, which are a newish product. (Just cick on an image or one of the links to poke around the shop and see all the University swag and various products available.)
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