Mmmmm Bacteria

Years ago I heard a theory that said if your body needed some particular nutrient, the foods that contained that nutrient would be appealing to you.

I now accept this theory as completely valid. All my life I’ve hated yogurt, the tangy taste would make me want to gag after a couple of spoonfuls. Then I got sick last week, and the doctor prescribed mega-antibiotics.

The antibiotics must have killed every bit of digestive bacteria in my stomach, because it felt like my entire digestive system had just stopped. If I ate something in the late afternoon, I was still trying to digest it the next morning, ugh!

A friend mentioned eating yogurt, which made sense if I could actually keep the stuff down. Amazingly, I found myself enjoying it, the tangy taste which I hated so much suddenly tasted GOOD to me. Of course the real test will be whether or not I go back to hating it in a week or so.

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