Ahhh, Halloween Candy Time!

I bought a bag of actual caramels the other day; a clump of little tan cubes wrapped up in clear, crinkly plastic. I haven’t had them in probably ten or more years and they seem different than I remember them. I think they’ve made them a bit softer now than they used to be, and I remember them being a little more stringier or gooey-er (gooier?) when you bit one in half. They are still just as chewy now, but somehow seem less inclined to try to suck your teeth out of your jaw with every chew – LOL. One thing hasn’t changed though – I still have to be careful to make sure ALL of the cellophane comes off before I pop them into my mouth – bleh.

I’ve also started scouring the grocery stores for Milky Way Midnights. Although I’ve not had any sightings so far, I’m not worried yet. It’s still early and the Halloween candy displays are still being setup. So I’ve got time to enjoy the hunt still – LOL.