What’s in the Fridge?

I call it ‘leftover casserole’ or ‘goulash’. Other people might call it ‘cleaning out the fridge’ – LOL. I took the bowl of John’s remaining homemade tomato sauce, chopped up the three large meatballs, added what was left of a jar of four cheese pasta sauce, plus what was left of a jar of ground beef pasta sauce, plus a nice flavoring of parmesan cheese, and mixed it all up together in a casserole dish. Then I added some cooked penne pasta (had this been a real goulash, such as from my childhood, it would have been wide egg noodles, but what are you gonna do), mixed, sprinkled more parmesan cheese on top for decoration, and popped it in the oven.

I can smell it now – mmmmmmm. There’s NOTHING like a house filled with the smell of cooking. If all of those companies that make air fresheners could duplicate that smell, they’d be five times as successful. (Of course, I also think that if they could make a cologne that smelled like freshly baked bread, interpersonal relations would probably reach an all time high. *grin*)