Guac… what?

I’m usually a basic Lay’s potato chip type of person – I like potatos, oil, and salt in my chips, and not much else. But for some ungodly reason I thought I should branch out a bit and try some of the flavors I’d been dismissing for so long now, so during a sale, I bought a bag of Lay’s “Cool Guacamole” flavored chips.

First of all, they are a really weird dusted green color that’s obviously artificial. Second, the major identifiable flavors are jalapeno and lime juice and MSG. (Which always makes me swell up like a balloon, so I have a personal vendetta against it.) Thirdly, there’s absolutely no avocado in it whatsoever. The flavor itself was “okay”, but there are too many other factors running against them at this point. So, as you can tell, I’m going back to my plain Lay’s, thank you very much. If you’re the kind of person that loves flavored chips, then you may like them – just don’t expect anything at all close to guacamole!

Speaking of guacamole, John brought home a couple of lovely, photogenic avocados the other day, which I photographed and then ‘designed’ and made them into t-shirts and cards, and posters and such! (Click on the graphic to see this image on the products in the Food Follies shop.) It’s oddly difficult to photograph food in a way that makes it look like it’s supposed to. I remember taking a photo once of a baked ziti that was fresh out of the oven and looked SO good, but the photo came out looking like beige shiny plastic (melted cheese) slopped over bumpy red stuff. Ahhh, well – it was better to eat than take pictures of anyway – LOL!