Egg Braid Bread

Egg Braid Bread

I found a recipe for Egg Braid Bread on the side of a bag of Safeway brand flour. It looked interesting, so I thought I’d give it a try. The recipe called for water, milk and eggs to be mixed with the yeast, and then adding the flour.

It came together well, and I kneaded it the full ten minutes as reccomended. The most difficult part was getting braiding lessons from Kristen, even after she demonstrated by braiding her hair, I still needed her guidance with the bread.

When the bread was warm it was good, but not great, which is why I’m not yet sharing the recipe. I liked the taste and consistency, it had a nice spring to it which I really enjoyed.

The next day the bread seemed rather dry as if the moisture had escaped during the night. Our friend Tom who gave us that delicious loaf of bread from a few weeks ago, sprays his dough with water before putting it in the oven. I’m going to try this method next time since all our breads always seem a little floury on the outside.

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