Chocolate Sludge

There’s nothing quite as delicious as an ice cold chocolate milk shake on a hot summer day. Except when you get it an expedient-service restaurant that’s so expedient that they don’t really mix the chocolate syrup in the ice cream too well. Ever drink chocolate syrup straight from the bottle and have it catch in your throat? Well, not that *I* would ever do that, but I imagine that’s exactly what the first sip of this milkshake was like. BLEH! Ahhh, well, at least after the initial gag and cough the cold creaminess finally kicked in. It’s just, well, such a horrible shock, you know?

And on another note – sorry that the posts here have been a bit thin – it’s just mostly been way too hot to cook or to want to even EAT anything much. That will change soon, I’m sure of it. I’ve got a call in to the Snow Miser and am expecting a return call anyday now.