Delicious Souvenirs!

Our friend Tom went trapsing across Europe recently and brought us back some terrific stuff, making sure they were things we couldn’t get here in the states. Thanks Tom! I’ve immortalized your gifts in another watercolor vignette (after all, everything but the keychain is edible and won’t last forever!):

From left to right: Eiffel Tower keychain (a must-have souvenir, of course), Bouquet garni (seasoning pouches for sauces), Edmond Fallot White Wine Vinegar with Herbs from Provence, a jar of rum-soaked crepes, Apricot & Almond Milk Confiture, Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99% (now THAT is DARK chocolate – we’ve been warned to let it melt in the mouth but do NOT bite down, or we may die right there), and Lindt 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate (for those times when 99% might be a BIT too much.) Mmmmm… souvenirs!
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