Kendall-Jackson 2005 Special Reserve Zinfandel

I happened to catch Narsai David on the radio the other day on the way to the grocery store, and he was recommending a bottle of wine from Kendall-Jackson. Their 2005 Special Reserve Zinfandel. And I was actually able to find it in the store, so we bought it! And even if this story doesn’t have much in the way of drama, it does have a happy ending – LOL – in that we really liked the wine. Was lovely and fruity, with lots of excellently blended flavors. (I think we bought it for around $10.99.)

The weird thing about this story is that we have satellite radio for the car, which kicks in right when you turn the car on, so when I thought back, I wasn’t exactly sure WHEN I heard Narsai David as he’s on the local AM radio. Finally, I figured it out. When we were getting gas, we were under the little roof over the gas pumps so we weren’t getting satellite radio, and in the few seconds (less than a minute) before I turned the car back on and drove away and the satellite radio came on, I must have heard this review. That’s the kind of thing where there was such a small window to be able to hear this information that I have to believe it was divine intervention from the wine gods. Heh.
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