Sweet Earth Chocolates

John and I found a terrific store that sells only organic, fair trade chocolate products! We got a bit of this and a bit of that from the chocolate catalog at Sweet Earth Chocolates to try them out. Like bars of bittersweet chocolate, organic cocoa, and real peanut butter cups! They were all fabulous, and not as pricey as I’ve seen in other retail shops online. (I don’t even know where we’d begin to look for this type of product locally!) I also made delicious chocolate chip cookies with their chocolate chips, although they were so big that I had to snap them in half, which turned the cookies into chocolate CHUNK cookies – still delicious though – LOL. So if you want to feel even BETTER when you eat chocolate, check out the wonders at Sweet Earth Chocolates.

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One thought on “Sweet Earth Chocolates”

  1. Sweet Earth is the bomb, so good. They won a taste test from the San Francisco Chronicle for baking and eating beating out major chocolate companies like Ghirardella, Hershey’s, Nestles, etc. The best things is they are Fair Trade.

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