Joey & Eddie’s Italian Restaurant in San Francisco

Recently, I was up in San Francisco for a day of meetings with a bunch of compadres and we had the pleasure of being treated to a night out in the private upstairs dining room at a fantastic Italian restaurant called “Joey & Eddie’s”.

(Pardon the photo – I forgot to take a picture until the very end when we were getting back on the bus that was rented for us – but you get the idea.)

It was one of those amazing multi-course, choice of wines type events. We had terrific bread with butter or olive oil, fantastic salad with all kinds of greens, crab bisque (or white bean soup), spaghetti topped with a cherry tomato concoction, white fish, chicken cacciatore, and then a big finish with a fabulous chocolate and hazelnut torte with pannecota served in these fancy dishes that looked like hubcaps – LOL! I wanted to eat so much more of each course, but knew I’d regret it later, so I managed to space out my samplings.

So if you’re ever in San Francisco and have a hankering for some tasty tasty Italian, check out Joey and Eddie’s. And as an additional bonus, on the way out we walked through the front room and saw Sammy Hagar sitting there at the bar enjoying a meal – he seemed to be with a tall blond, so no one bothered him – LOL.
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