Cranberry Apple Torte

I had a bunch of cranberries sitting in the fridge, and didn’t want to make just another cranberry-orange bread, as delicious as those are.  Luckily, we got the  baking book from the Magnolia Bakery as a thoughtful holiday gift, so I looked up ‘cranberries’ in the index and found this torte recipe!

The recipe called for pear slices and cranberries, but we had apples so I substituted apple for the pear. It came out terrific – unsurprisingly, just like a coffee cake with fruit, topped with a crunchy but subtle sugar topping that gave it that little extra oomph.

Cranberry Apple Torte

I know, in this picture it looks like a  pizza, since I baked it in a round springform pan and not one of those ‘torte’ pans with the fancy wavy edge, but trust me, it’s definitely NOT a pizza – LOL!

Looking forward to trying more recipes from this book.

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