Tomato Florentine Soup Recipe

Tomato Florentine Soup

5 Stalks Celery
1 Medium Onion
2 cups Fresh Spinach Leaves
1 Cup elbow macaroni (or any pasta)
3 Cans Stewed Tomatoes or Diced Tomatoes (depending how chunky you like them)
1 Can Chicken Broth
2 Cups of water
1 Bay leaf
Salt, pepper, thyme and grated parmesian cheese to taste.
1 teaspoon butter

Chop onion and celery and melt butter in the bottom of soup pot. Add onion and celery and sweat out the vegies for 5-10 minutes. Its ok if the onions carmelize a little bit, but don’t completely brown them.

Add chicken broth, water and tomatoes, bay leaf and spices. Bring to a boil, if the soup looks too thick add more water as needed.

After the water has reached a boil, add in the spinach leaves. Don’t worry if they look overwhelming at first, they’ll tend to disappear as they cook.

Let it boil a while, until spinach is completely softened. Then add pasta, the soup will be ready as soon as the pasta is cooked (10-15 minutes)