Sometimes a Sale ISN’T a Good Thing

I love Fig Newtons. I don’t really like the other Nabisco type Newtons, as they are too sweet, but I digress… I love Fig Newtons. But I vow to never buy store-brand fig bars ever, EVER again. No matter WHAT the sale is. They’re heavy, the outside is hard and unpleasant, the inside is nasty, and they weigh a ton. Not a combo you want sitting in your stomach for very long. And while I’m ranting (I won’t always rant – it’s just that sometimes rant-inspiring experiences come in groups – LOL) – I hate misleading marketing. Above the ‘fig bars’ writing on the package is the word ‘original’ – vague enough to not be false advertising of course, but annoying that it tries to subtly trick people, I think. The best thing I can say about these fig bars is that at least the first ingredient in the list is figs, but it’s just a list, and even if they have lots of figs, they didn’t do anything redeemable with them. BLEH.