Live Life Uncomplicated?

I was browsing the wine isle in the grocery store a few days ago (Note: I grew up in NY state and still find it weird to be able to buy wine and hard liquor in a grocery store! (California)), and there was a bottle of wine on sale for $2.99. Since we’re still at the very beginning of developing our ‘wine tongues’ (I think I just made that up?), I figured it was a good thing to try the really cheap wines as WELL as the more expensive ones to give ourselves a larger range of experiences. I’d had Sutter Home Merlot before, but never a (red) Zinfandel, so I tossed it in the cart.

I know that Zinfandels are pretty mild wines, but I haven’t yet determined if this was ‘mild’ or ‘bland’. It wasn’t terrible at all, but mostly just tasted like, well, generic wine, and it didn’t pack any kind of a punch. John’s opinion is similar, “Drinkable, but not very interesting.” I suppose that’s why the back of the label says, “Our zinfandel is the simple choice to compliment life’s everyday moments. Enjoy Sutter Home wines and live life uncomplicated.” (Shouldn’t that be ‘uncomplicatedly’ (if that’s a word) since it’s describing the verb ‘live’?) Anyway, we give Sutter Home credit for being so… accurate in their labeling, and thank the grocery store for not making us invest too much for the experience, which was still enjoyable after all was said and done.