The Black Bear Diner

To celebrate my birthday yesterday we went to my favorite place for steaks: The Black Bear Diner. Their steaks are on par or better than the fancier steak houses around here, plus the prices are much better.

The Black Bear gives huge portions, I love their ribs and sandwiches as well. My only complaint is the seasoning they put on their french fries. I’m 90% sure its MSG, judging by the weird physical reactions I always get after ingesting too much of that stuff.

Yesterday our waitress goofed a bit, bringing Kristen seasoned fries and then forgetting to return with the plate of unseasoned fries. She also forgot the obligatory slices of garlic bread that come with the steaks, so we had to ask for them. It all worked out however, and the steaks were as tender and juicy as always. I would have loved to have ordered one of their apple cobblers for dessert, but I’m pretty sure I would have exploded.