Adventures in Ravioli

John mixed the filling for the ravioli: ricotta cheese, chopped parsley, fresh ground parmesan, garlic and onion powder, pepper, and salt. Here’s all the ‘stuff’…

… which includes the new pasta machine to the right, and a new 12-unit ravioli mold we got the other day – thank heaven for after-holiday, half-price sales!

We rolled out sheets of pasta, layed them on the mold, spooned in the filling, layed another sheet on top, and then rolled the rolling pin over it to cut the raviolis apart. Here’s the uncooked ravioli:

They cooked in about 5 minutes and only one of them broke apart in the water, ever so slightly. There are no photos of the finished ravioli because after they were done, we were too hungry to take the time to arrange them on a plate with sauce and make them look nice for a photograph. They came out fantastic though – creamy and light – much lighter than store-bought/frozen raviolis, and tasted great with the red sauce. Mmmmm…. fresh raviolis.