Enough to Outfit 126 Penguins

I didn’t know how hard it would be to make homemade farfalle when I first started, and I didn’t really have any ‘instructions’, but I soon found out they were ridiculously easy!

farfalle = bow ties = bow-tie pasta = bows = butterfly pasta. Pronunciation: far-FALL-lay. This Italian pasta resembles bow ties or butterflies. It’s often served with chunky sauces or in pasta salads. A smaller version is called farfallini, while a larger version is called farfallone.” (from the Cook’s Thesaurus)

Basically, you cut the sheets of pasta (thickness setting of “6” on the pasta machine) into slightly rectangular pieces, about 1.25×1.5 inches, slightly fold it in the middle, lengthwise, then fold the lengthwise edges back the other way and then pinch it all in the middle to seal the shape. With 1.5 cups of flour and two eggs, we made about 126 of them.

We cooked them for 7 minutes – had to go a bit longer than the previous fettucine and ravioli, probably because of the thickness of the pinched area. Here’s a finished plate, all dolled up with grated motzarella cheese and chopped parsley: