Busy Busy Busy

(I used the wisk image to the left because it made me think of being busy – LOL.) We’ve actually been doing some good cooking and eating lately, but we’ve been missing the step where we take a moment to sit down and write about it for some reason. For instance, I made another lasagna the other day, with homemade noodles, and it came out terrific. In fact, we’re still eating the leftovers, which are just as good as the original, of course. And we’ve been baking bread, and learning what effect ‘tired’ yeast has on it. And John made a delicious chicken concoction, which he keeps meaning to write up. See?

Also, we learned that our turtles (that we recently acquired from John’s brother who couldn’t keep them anymore) LOVE meat, despite the fact that a lot of turtle experts say that they become more vegetable oriented as they get older. (Maybe nine isn’t ‘old’ to them?) Even cuter… they will take the food from our hands, in a gentle but still ‘turtle darting their neck out’ sort of way. We’ve given them chicken, tuna (which made a mess in their water – maybe we’ll try a more chunk and less shredded kind next time), and hamburger.

Also, our black lab seems to like the raw pasta dough. She always lays under the table when I make it and then looks all hopeful if it appears I’ve got a bit left over – go figure.

Anyway, we’ll get back to posting more fully again soon, I’m sure. Thanks for checking in!