I decided to make some pasta sauce today, only to discover that our onions had turned into some sort of alien creature. After chasing the beast out of the house with a broom, I decided that I would make the sauce anyway using some extra garlic to fill the void.

I went a little overboard though, possibly because we picked up a jar of pre-chopped garlic last week, so I didn’t have to go through the work of chopping it myself. All I know was, this was one powerfully garlicky sauce. It cleared both mine and Kristen’s sinuses while eating it.

It was a good sauce though, and I think it will make an excellent pizza sauce. As soon as we go to town again (25 miles away) I’m going to get some mozzarella cheese so I can find out. In the meantime, all the vampire bats have fled the area, and the dogs keep turning away from me when I talk to them.