Mmmmm Cake

I decided to bake my first cake from scratch last night. I did a search online for a recipe that matched my ingredients on hand and came up with Elizabeth’s Extreme Choclate Lover’s Cake

I had always heard that making cakes from scratch was difficult, but I found this reamarkably easy, except for being a little dish intensive. It took three bowls to make the mixture, one for the melted chocolate (I used the microwave), one for the brown sugar and liquid ingredients, and one for the flour, baking soda and salt.

I didn’t have any sour cream, so I substituted milk, and since milk isn’t as dense I cut back on some of the water. I thought the batter tasted a little dusky, so I added a little confectioner’s sugar and a little cocoa powder as well. My final result was a slightly thicker batter than the recipe described, but it baked nicely and rose like crazy.

We didn’t have any Baker’s chocolate to make the frosting, so Kristen made a light buttercream frosting with the remains of the cocoa powder.

The resulting cake was delicious. It has a lot more body and flavor than any of the cake mix cakes, and was far more rich than any of the supermarket/bakery cakes we get around here.

So now I will be delving deeply into the world of hommade cakes. I’ve always been a cake lover so I suppose this was inevitable. Soon I will be filling the recipe list with Bundts, Pounds, Marbles and Crumbs. Remember, you’ve been warned. 🙂