Raspberry Swirl Cake

We got some rasberries at our local Farmer’s Market last week, and thought it would be fun to bake them into a cake.

I know I promised to do more cakes from scratch, but it was late so I opted out for the yellow cake mix on the shelf. I pureed the rasberries and added a little sugar and a dash of cinammon. I didn’t measure anything, I just kept adding sugar until I thought they were sweet enough.

I made the cake batter and added 3/4ths of it to the pan. Then we added the rasberry goo (Kristen helped) and with the remaining batter.

The cake came out great, one slight problem was that some of the pureed rasberry sank because it was heavier than the batter. If I do this again I would cut back a little bit on the water in the batter so that it will suspend the rasberry better.