Happy Cafe

John and I came out of the grocery store the other day to find a flyer/menu under the windshield of the car for the “Happy Cafe”, a new Chinese restaurant in town. A few days later we stopped in to take advantage of their lunch specials – $5.15 a platter, which included rice, soup of the day, hot tea, as well as a few interesting bite-sized appetizers, and the option to have it all without MSG, which we requested. The food was excellent – fresh and tasty; the restaurant itself was tiny (I think it only had 8-9 tables) but had a very peaceful atmosphere, and was very new and clean.

If I’m going to a new Chinese restaurant, I usually order something like Sweet & Sour Chicken, since it’s pretty standard and I can get a feel for their cooking style – so that’s what I had. The veggies were excellent (at some restaurants they are really dry despite being covered in sauce), and the pineapple was juicy, chicken was crispy and not greasy. John had Szechuan Triple Delight, having meant to order the REGULAR Triple Delight, but it was a tasty mistake and he enjoyed the spiciness without his tongue melting or anything – LOL.

So, we give the Happy Cafe two thumbs up, and will definitely going back again for lunch. It was also just nice to have a NEW place to eat lunch in town that was also so surprisingly affordable.