Spinach Quiche

Last week we got some eggs on sale, 5 dozen eggs that is. That’s a lot of eggs for 2 people to eat. So far we’ve had scrambled, omelets and now one of my favorites: Quiche.

Quiche is one of those versatile foods you can add almost any ingredients too. Bacon, ham or even turkey or chicken can be used, Swiss, Cheddar, Monterey Jack or even Jarlsberg will due, but try to balance the saltiness of your meat to the strength of the cheese. Bland meats should use stronger cheeses and vice versa.

For veggies, I’ve used spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers and carrots, depending what I had on hand. I prefer to have softer vegetables in my quiches, so I’ll usually steam them before adding them to the mix. If you like the crunchy texture though, feel free to add them in raw.

Below is the quiche we had tonight, a basic spinach quiche which came out absolutely perfect. As the weeks go on and we need to use those eggs, don’t be surprised if I post a more adventurous recipe.

Spinach Quiche

6 eggs (5 if eggs are extra large)
1/2 Cup Milk
4oz Spinach Leaves (or 2oz frozen)
1/2 Medium Onion
1/4 lb grated Medium Cheddar
3oz Ham, diced, or bacon crumbled

Pie Crust

1 cup Crisco
2 1/4 Cups Flour
1 tsp Salt
3/4 Cup Cold Water
(or used pre-made pie crust only need one of them for bottom of quiche.)

Makes 9 inch crust.

Begin pie crust by mixing Crisco, Flour and Salt together until it all looks crumbly, then slowly add water until you’ve got a nice malleable dough. Mold dough into a ball and roll out onto a lightly floured surface. Lay carefully into a pie plate and sculpt edges, the dough should be easy to work with. Set aside.

Next, finely chop onion and add with spinach into a vegetable steamer. (Note, if you like crunchy raw tasting onion you can leave it out of the steamer). Steam veggies for about 10 minutes, until spinach is fully cooked. Remove spinach from steamer and chop. If you’re using frozen spinach, just defrost. Can also saute onions in a pan instead.

In a large bowl, beat eggs and milk until smooth, then add cheese, ham/bacon, onion, and spinach. Mix everything thoroughly and then pour into the pie crust. Place in oven and bake at 400 degrees F for 30-45 minutes. Quiche is done when toothpick comes out of the center dry. Will probably settle a little as it cools.