Raspberries and Yogurt and Strawberries

With all the fresh fruit available, we’re being challenged to think up new ways to incorporate fruit into our cooking/eating! Although, we do have the old ‘mix it with vanilla yogurt’ idea to fall back on – a classic, of course. (Mountain High Yoghurt also has no high fructose corn syrup! Just sayin’.)

I just love this photo of a raspberry sitting in yogurt, as one can too easily forget how ‘hairy’ raspberries are – LOL!

Oh, and now John just emailed me from work saying he got a huge box of strawberries, and I’d better start thinking of ways to eat them! (How about my usual, clean and cut them up, sprinkle a bit of sugar on them, and then just eat ’em til their gone… not very glamourous, but it’s very hard to resist strawberries, especially while you’re trying to think up ways to EAT them in the first place.) Stay tuned for more strawberry-related posts!
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