Organic Toaster Pastries

I’ve liked having things like Pop Tarts around as backups for times when you run out of milk for cereal, or just want a snack in the afternoon. But at some point (a long time ago now it seems) Kellogg’s Pop Tarts changed their formula – my theory is that they added more high fructose corn syrup and deleted any remaining ACTUAL flavor – resulting in pastries that were hideously sweet yet still alarmingly tasteless. As a result we stopped buying them completely.

But this is a story with a happy ending! At Trader Joe’s we rediscovered the Toaster Pastry… ORGANIC, FROSTED TOASTER PASTRIES!!! By Nature’s Path. We got blueberry and strawberry, at the same price or even cheaper than a good price for Pop Tarts at the grocery store, and they were delicious! I KNEW they could still make toaster pastries with flavor – LOL – plus all organic ingredients, and no high fructose corn syrup. Yes! So, as you can tell, we highly recommend them – going to stock up our next trip to Trader Joe’s!
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