Eggs Benedict

We had breakfast for dinner today – first time making Eggs Benedict for ourselves. First I have to fess up that we did NOT make our own Hollandaise sauce, which, I know, is the key to good Eggs Benedict. But we were more interested, at the moment, in HAVING Eggs Benedict, than spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it from scratch for the first time. Maybe at some future time, but this time we used Trader Joe’s Hollandaise warmed and scooped over poached eggs on ham on english muffins, with a side of baked potato cubes….

It was all excellent, with the one surprise being that the cayenne pepper in the sauce was very… present. I’ve had Eggs Benedict in a number of restaurants and it never had such an affect on my sinuses as this did – LOL – but it was still very tasty!
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