Grilled Turkey Reuben

Every so often I remember that I love Grilled Turkey Reubens and that I haven’t had one in a LONG time!

They’re really easy to make – sliced deli turkey, lots of good saurkraut (we used Hebrew National), and a Thousand Islands dressing on your choice of rye bread – we chose a Jewish Rye. (In our area of California, the only kind of ryes available are pre-packaged, made by Orowheat, but they work just fine! Marble Rye is also good, or even a Pumpernickel, although the taste is stronger.)

So assemble the sandwich as you like, butter the outsides of the bread, and then grill until golden brown!

That’s not the most exciting picture, and you can see that it’s browned a bit unevenly, but I was in more of a hurry to EAT the sandwich than to spend time on a pretty presentation – hah! It tasted even better than it looks here, if that helps.

Here’s the official recipe:

Grilled Turkey Reubens

1 loaf marble rye bread
sliced deli turkey
1 can/jar saurkraut
Thousand Island dressing
Swiss or Monterey jack cheese

Take a piece of bread, layer turkey, some saurkraut, slices of cheese, and top with dressing. Complete with another slice of bread. Spread butter on outside of each bread slice and grill sandwich in a (nonstick recommended) frying pan on low heat until bread is golden brown and crispy and cheese is melted. Cut in half and serve.

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