Aw, Nuts. I mean, Trail Mix!

John and I have been making our own homemade trail mix lately. It’s much less expensive than buying it in those little bags, you can make a lot to have on hand and fill multiple containers, plus you can put in EXACTLY what you want!

Our usual mix seems to have evolved into a can of mixed nuts, a can of cashew pieces (since mixed nuts simply don’t have enough cashews!), yogurt raisins, and golden raisins.  We also have some M&Ms, but we keep those in their own container – it’s safer that way – LOL. We mix together a bunch, then put a container out on the coffee table to munch on, and with nuts, it doesn’t take much to fill you up, plus there’s lots of protein and good fiber in the whole mix.

I highly recommend making your own trail mix – just think of all the weird things you’d put in your ideal snack!

homemade trail mix -