Site Reorganization is Nigh!

We started Food Follies a long time before WordPress become the go-to choice for online weblogs. When we finally converted to WP a number of years ago, we just kept our old hand-crafted php recipes pages the same, probably for convenience at the time. Well, now I’m having the impulse to integrate the recipes into this site as actual posts. So I’ll be doing things like adding the recipes to posts that just link to the recipes, making new posts for recipes that don’t have posts of their own, and then finally updating the recipes index to these new posts instead of the old text files.

At least, that’s the plan right now. The major impetus being that now it’s so much easier to just post a recipe in the post itself, instead of also having to manually add another page and update the old index.  And yes, it’s been so much easier for a while now – heh – but it’s a good time to move it all into the new order.

So, here we go! You may not notice anything out of whack, but if you do, please overlook the crumbs for now.