An Explosion of Soda and Candy

Many of you might know what happens when you drop a mentos candy into a bottle of soda. Now, can you imagine what happens when 1,500 students all do it at the same time? Click here for photos of the resulting simultaneous explosions – science at its funnest!
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White Chocolate Recall

Kraft Recalls White Chocolate Baking Squares: ” WEDNESDAY October 3, 2007 ( — Kraft Foods is reportedly recalling Baker’s Premium White Chocolate Baking Squares distributed across the United States due to possible contamination of Salmonella, Reuters reported today. The affected product is sold in 6-ounce packages with UPC code 004300025200. “Test when used by” dates printed on package include 31 MAR 2008 XCZ, 01 APR 2008 XCZ, 02 APR2008 XCZ, or 03 APR 2008 XCZ. The recall affects 24,000 cases of the chocolate, but there have been no reports of illness associated with consumption of the product, Kraft spokeswoman Cathy Pernu was cited as saying. The recall was issued after the Food and Drug Administration tested and found salmonella in some 6-oz. packages.”

With all the recalls lately, I wonder if it’s just a matter of companies being more hygenic or perhaps improving the salmonella test itself? Not that I don’t think erring on the side of caution is a good thing, of course.

And Topps, the company that just recalled all that beef, is now going out of business because of the recall – 30 people got sick, and 2 law suits are pending. It’s all just a really bizarre trend, that I hope has a limited shelf life, so to speak.
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Eat Local Designs

My artist friend Mary has just created a number of cool t-shirt (and gift) designs that celebrate eating locally, going to the farmer’s market, and sustainability – click on a link below to see all the t-shirts and such you can get!

Taste Local

Local Food Fighter

My Food

Local Chef

Food Artisan

Family Farmer

Eat Locally


Farmer’s Market

Eat Local

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Peanut Butter Into Diamonds?

“Peanut butter is being turned into diamonds by scientists with a technique that harnesses pressures higher than those found at the centre of the earth. Edinburgh University experts say the feat is made possible by squeezing the paste between the tips of two diamonds creating a ‘stiletto heel effect’. The scientists also revealed they can turn oxygen into red crystals using the same method. ”

And all this time I thought the CRUNCHY peanut butter variety just had chunks of PEANUT in it – HAH! And there’s got to be a joke in there about Diamond Brand Nuts too… somewhere…. Read Entire Article. (Link courtesy of Unearthed Tees Geology News)

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Tyson to Sell Chicken Free of Antibiotics

Tyson said it would no longer use antibiotics to raise chicken sold fresh in stores. (I guess that doesn’t apply to any FROZEN chicken products by Tyson?) Seems it will be slightly more expensive too, but probably still okay if you can’t afford to buy organic free-range chicken all the time. Anyway, it might already be in your stores, with packaging that emphasizes no artificial ingredients. Click here for the full article.
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Warning – Samples!

Yesterday we were in Nob Hill Foods, at the deli counter, to pick up some sliced turkey. While we were waiting for the turkey, we were offered a sample of their fajita salad, which I promptly passed off to John, since I didn’t feel like sampling. About seven minutes later, John said, “I think there was MSG in that. A LOT of it.” His mouth had gone totally dry and his head started to feel tight, like the onset of a headache. That must have been a LOT of MSG to have such a drastic effect for so little food in so little time!

In any case, we’ve learned our lesson – no samples unless we can see a list of ingredients! And luckily the feeling passed within a half hour, and never made it to the ‘itching between the fingers’ stage, which is the WORST.
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Blogger’s Choice Nominee

WOW! Much to our astonishment and appreciation, this humble little food blog has been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award! If you’d like to vote for us, and don’t have anything cooking on the stove right now that you should really be paying attention to, click the following link:

My site was nominated for Best Food Blog!

(Or click here if that doesn’t work.)

Warning – you have to register before you can vote.

Special thanks to ‘Chris’ for nominating us – wow!!!
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Papaya Henge

My old digital camera stopped working, so that traumatic event became the excuse I eventually used to buy TWO new digital cameras! The first one, which I received yesterday, is another 5MP point and shoot. Very small, great size to slip in my purse, goof off with, take people photos with, etc. To test out the macro function, I created Papaya Henge from a bag of mixed dried fruit that John donated to the cause.

The other digital camera, which should be arriving sometime tomorrow, is bigger, blacker, heavier, more impressive, has one of those large glass lens thingies for wide angle and telephoto shots, and can shoot super-macro shots from ONE centimeter away from the subject. With that camera, you’d be able to see the little papaya druids chanting in their macrolithic Papaya Henge! For now though, you’ll just have to use your imagination.
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