From the Google Kitchen

Looks like they’re having a lot of fun with the newish Google Blog, including a post from a Google Cook, Charlie Ayers, with a recipe for Buttermilk Fried Chicken which Elvis apparently loved. As I was glancing through the ingredients list, I noticed that it calls for ‘organic, free-range chickens’… Continue reading

Mmmm… Cicadas…

Oddly enough, although we have a large number of little black and white food-type icons like the microwave to the left, none of them are BUGS for some reason… Cicadas Take Menus By Storm – “‘Not much of a taste,’ she admits. ‘A bit like overcooked beans, but very crunchy.’”… Continue reading

Welcome to Food Follies!

We wanted a website where we could publish our growing collection of recipes. Where we could write up our daily-ish experiences at restaurants, in the kitchen, in the garden, etc. A place that was not so very serious about playing with food. (And drink, of course.) A site that would… Continue reading