From Those Who Have Been There

Ask MetaFilter spawned a really cool thread from this question: What’s your most useful general advice on cooking? Lots of really good basics from people who seem to really like creating in the kitchen – cool! Food Blog:; Foodie T-Shirts & Gifts:

Just too hot….

It’s just been too HOT here to eat anything, much less even think about cooking. For the last week or so we’ve had temperatures up to about 100 degrees. Go turn on your hair dryer and point it at your face – that’s what it’s been like. We’ve been living… Continue reading

A Salute

Julia Child Dies – Age 91. Apparently, she didn’t start cooking until she was 32! And she wanted her last meal to be “Red meat and a bottle of gin.” – I hope she got her wish. Food Blog:; Foodie T-Shirts & Gifts:

Another Reason To Love Carbs

This is a TAD offtopic here, but I think it still relates: Promising Thai fuel cell converts carbohydrates to generate electricity – “Cellennium Thailand, a small research and development company, has successfully developed and commercialised a sugar fuel cell that uses carbohydrates from sugar or tapioca to generate electricity. The… Continue reading

The Good and The Bad

There are some restaurants which seem to do things really well, but other things really poorly, so you only end up going there if you’re in the mood for the ‘good’ things. For instance, there’s a local diner-type place that makes what they call the ‘colossal burger’ – it’s a… Continue reading

Pink & Purple – The New White?

John and I went to a local, inexpensive eatery today to get some Italian pasta dinners – manicotti and lasagna, specifically. We quickly discovered that they had purchased some new (and cheaper, plasticky, reusable) plates to replace the old, white, ceramic ramekins that they used to use. We certainly liked… Continue reading

Ignore the Hype

Recent experiences have led us to concoct this equation: the quality of a food experience is inversely proportional to the amount of media hype (even local) that it gets. First case is a local bakery, which shall remain nameless – we finally stopped in there and bought a loaf of… Continue reading