Olney Pancake Race

From their Official Website: “The Olney Pancake Race, dating back more than five hundred years, is held on Shrove Tuesday. The course is 415 yards long and is run from the Market Place to the Church at 11.55 a.m. Participants, housewives or young ladies of the town, must have lived… Continue reading

Celebrating the Twinkee

It’s the 75th anniversary of the Twinkee and to celebrate their putting together a Twinkee Cookbook, including such creations as the Twinkee Taco. The article also contains a reproduction of the infamous “Twinkee Experiment.” Food Blog: http://www.foodfollies.com; Foodie T-Shirts & Gifts: http://shop.foodfollies.com

Birth of a Monster

Ah, the dark side of creativity. This morning I reached into a bowl where we had placed some oranges and walnuts, and this was the result: Kristen and I couldn’t stop laughing at this poor abomination. It looked like some sort of deranged mousketeer. After dubbing it: Mr. Fuzzy Nuts… Continue reading

Mmmm… doughnuts….

Police follow the doughnuts, find the stolen Krispy Kreme truck, and are rewarded with… any guesses? *grin* Food Blog: http://www.foodfollies.com; Foodie T-Shirts & Gifts: http://shop.foodfollies.com

Chocolate Room

Chocolate Factory Makes Room Good Enough To Eat: “HALLE, Germany — Germany’s oldest chocolate factory celebrated its 200th anniversary this week in a very special way. Halloren created a room entirely of chocolate. The room took months to make. It includes 108 wall panels made of sweet and bittersweet chocolate…. Continue reading