Eggs Benedict

We had breakfast for dinner today – first time making Eggs Benedict for ourselves. First I have to fess up that we did NOT make our own Hollandaise sauce, which, I know, is the key to good Eggs Benedict. But we were more interested, at the moment, in HAVING Eggs… Continue reading

Tortellini Alfredo

I’d like to say that this was all homemade, but it’s not. Still, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious! The tri-color tortellini was dried and bagged and from Trader Joes, and the alfredo sauce was from the good people at Classico. Makes a pretty picture, doesn’t it! (And the Classico… Continue reading

Strawberry Waffles

It’s pretty simple. Our regular old homemade waffles, usual recipe, topped with fresh cut and cleaned strawberries that have been sprinkled with just a few teaspoons of white sugar. Make sure you prepare the strawberries just a wee bit before (the night before works well, but at least a couple… Continue reading


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