Italian Burritos

I had planned on making a form of Chile’ Verde today using chicken instead of pork. I had picked up two cans of tomatillo sauce which I knew would be somewhat spicy, but upon tasting just a little the world suddenly went dark and small cartoon devils were lighting my eyebrows on fire.

When I came to, I decided that this sauce was a little too spicy for us, so I looked for something to smoothen it a little. We had an open jar of Prego Roasted Garlic & Parmesian and a jar of mild salsa, so I combined them and added about 2 ounces of the Mexican Green Sauce. That was enough to give the mixture a potent kick.

I added the sauce to some chicken thigh meat and onions I had fried earlier and mixed it all together. Next I added a can of black beans for a little more umph. You could taste the distinctive taste of Prego, but overall the combination worked.

We had four large burrito shells so I folded in the mixture burrito style rather than the traditional enchilada roll. Then I slathered the remaining Prego on the burritos as well as on the bottom of the baking pan. I covered the burritos liberally with shredded Monterey Jack and baked it for about 40 minutes.

The final product looked and smelled very Italian, like giant manacotti. Especially since the burritos were buried in sauce and cheese. The insides tasted distinctly Mexican, thanks to the salsa and green sauce.

One of these days I’m going to buy some tomatillos and make my own green sauce. When I do, you can look forward to an official recipe being posted here.