Spanish Sausages and Nun Cookies

Some other exotic foods our previously mentioned globetrotting friend bestowed upon us involved specialties from Spain, including Spanish sausages, and breadsticks: And these delicate square cookies made by nuns: The sausage had a fantastic flavor and texture, the bread sticks were excellently crunchy, and the ‘nun cookies’ finished things off… Continue reading

Baking Cookies on the Dashboard

I love this article – a woman decided to bake cookies on her car dashboard, and it worked! Some good CAN come from a heat wave – LOL! Click here for the full article.[Tags: heat, weather, cookies] Food Blog:; Foodie T-Shirts & Gifts:


Have I ever mentioned that Kristen makes the best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the world? Recently she made a batch of Chocolate Chocolate Chip (mmm chocolate). What I love about this recipe is that the cookies remain soft, unlike other recipes I’ve tried which turn to rocks after a few… Continue reading

Christmas Cookies

Looking for some new Christmas Cookie recipes this year? Well, of course, you can always check through the Food Follies Cookie Recipe section, but I also just ran across another good resource, All Homemade Cookies, which is worth a good look-see! Food Blog:; Foodie T-Shirts & Gifts: