Snapea Crisps

I was in Trader Joe’s one day (my favorite grocery store) and they had these Snapea Crisps hanging off of one of the shelves. Feeling bold, I bought them secretly dreading that they might end up tasting like freeze dried peas. When I opened them I was delighted to discover… Continue reading

Spider Eggs for Halloween

Check out these Spider Eggs for Halloween – they look completely creepy. And that’s not even counting the fact that I don’t like olives! But that tidbit aside, I thought this was a really creative use of everyday food. Happy Halloween![Tags: halloween, appetizer, food, spider, spooky] Food Blog:; Foodie… Continue reading


I was inspired to make homemade pierogies yesterday and enlisted John as the filling-maker, while I played with the dough. We’d never made them before so we browsed through John’s “New York Cookbook” which had a couple of recipes. We took ideas from each of them, depending on what ingredients… Continue reading