Just too hot….

It’s just been too HOT here to eat anything, much less even think about cooking. For the last week or so we’ve had temperatures up to about 100 degrees. Go turn on your hair dryer and point it at your face – that’s what it’s been like. We’ve been living on seltzer and yogurt most days, it seems. Anyway, cooler weather will be returning, bringing back with it our appetites, so something more interesting will be here again soon – LOL.

Instant Mousse

As much as I enjoy making everything from scratch, sometimes instant desserts can be a blessing, especially when they don’t taste instant.

Tonight we tried Nestles European Style Chocolate Mousse mix. As
Ned Flanders would say it was Scrumdidleyiscious! It was light and
fluffy with a really rich chocolate flavor. Everything you’d expect
from a mousse (except the antlers). *groan*


This is the latest design in the Food Follies Gift Shop. It was something John came up with one day – probably after eating a large meal, I’d wager. *grin* I suppose this could not only apply to someone who considers themselves an omnivore, but perhaps someone who just loves to eat or who’s known in his/her circle as being hungry most of the time – heh.

Bagel World Record?

I clicked on an article about a half-ton bagel at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY – 660 pounds of flour, 900 gallons of water, half a pound of dry yeast, 53 pounds of malt and 12 1/2 pounds of salt to make an 868 pound bagel. I can just imagine how much cream cheese you’d need for that. And I’m not a fan of lox, but I suppose you could put large trout or even swordfish on that thing – LOL.

Sometimes a Sale ISN’T a Good Thing

I love Fig Newtons. I don’t really like the other Nabisco type Newtons, as they are too sweet, but I digress… I love Fig Newtons. But I vow to never buy store-brand fig bars ever, EVER again. No matter WHAT the sale is. They’re heavy, the outside is hard and unpleasant, the inside is nasty, and they weigh a ton. Not a combo you want sitting in your stomach for very long. And while I’m ranting (I won’t always rant – it’s just that sometimes rant-inspiring experiences come in groups – LOL) – I hate misleading marketing. Above the ‘fig bars’ writing on the package is the word ‘original’ – vague enough to not be false advertising of course, but annoying that it tries to subtly trick people, I think. The best thing I can say about these fig bars is that at least the first ingredient in the list is figs, but it’s just a list, and even if they have lots of figs, they didn’t do anything redeemable with them. BLEH.

Time to Celebrate….

Happy 100th Birthday to the Banana Split – not the old t.v. show of course, the dessert. What I found most interesting in this article is this: “At the turn of the century, there were no commercially prepared medications, so pharmacists became masters of flavor and were known for their sweet treats.” This certainly explains the early scenes in It’s a Wonderful Life when Jimmy Stewart’s character, as a kid, is working in a pharmacy/soda fountain. Never gave those scenes a second thought before reading this article – it all makes sense though.

Got Cookie Gun?

Why, yes, I DO have a cookie gun, thanks, and I’m not afraid to use it! This is the newest design in the Food Follies Shop on t-shirts, an apron, mugs – all that stuff – just click on the image to check them all out.

I just love making spritz cookies, especially at Christmas time. I have a really tasty and colorful cookie recipe too, Jello Cookies – they do well as cut outs OR spritz cookies, and the colored Jello sugar not only adds great coloring, but also extra flavor that food coloring doesn’t. Eventually I’ll need to get a new cookie gun (cookie press, whatever) though, as the $10.99 version I bought all those years ago is wearing out bit by plastic bit. Ahh, well!


I took a chance on a sale and bought a jar of Barilla Formaggi Italian Cheese tomato sauce. (I’d link to the site but it has annoying flash-based navigation.) It was definitely more orange than other jarred pasta sauces, and I have to say that the first thing I thought after my first taste was ‘Spaghetti-O’s’. The second taste said, “Hmmm – a bit tangy?” And the third taste insisted, “Salty! Way too salty!” It was an extremely weird combination when you were expecting a reasonable tomato-based pasta sauce but you couldn’t really taste any tomato directly. In the ingredients, it lists hard grating cheese, and cheddar cheese, and Italian style pasteurized process cheese, and as the last cheese – romano. I think I must have bought this sauce in a alternate dimension where there are Italian products that have never heard of parmesan, ricotta, or other delicious cheeses and where 620 mg of salt per serving is ‘normal’. To sum up… the other Barilla pasta sauces we’ve tried have been fine, but this one was just way out in left field.