Chocolate Emergency!!

Apparently, the Chocolate Manufacturers Association (members include Hershey’s and Nestle, etc.) are lobbying the FDA to change the legal definition of chocolate to let them substitute cheap vegetable oils for cocoa butter. BLEH!! Click here to read more about why this is happening and for easy links you can use… Continue reading

Dark Chocolate M&Ms

We ambled into the local Kmart the other day only to run into a huge selection of HALLOWEEN candy! Is it always out this early or is time just running MUCH faster now? Anyway, although I couldn’t find any of my favorites (Milky Way Midnights – those tend to be… Continue reading

Delicious Souvenirs!

Our friend Tom went trapsing across Europe recently and brought us back some terrific stuff, making sure they were things we couldn’t get here in the states. Thanks Tom! I’ve immortalized your gifts in another watercolor vignette (after all, everything but the keychain is edible and won’t last forever!): From… Continue reading